Preparation is All

I am facilitating a Workshop at my local Neighbourhood House on Wednesday evening. We are expanding into Out Of Hours classes, and I am first off the rank.

Eco Friendly Crafts, with crocheted Facial Set is first up: A face washer, facial scrubby and soap holder out of cotton yarn.

Cotton yarn used to be very hard to source except for such fine stuff as makes those amazing table cloths. Due to the upsurge in the DIY and Eco friendly culture, more and more cotton yarn is available at local yarn stores, including 8 ply in wonderful colours. Crochet hooks in size 4mm have always been easy to find at reasonable prices, except in the season where our local primary schools are teaching this craft to their students…. I prefer the metal ones, as I have been known to break the plastic.

As you can see from this picture I am hard at work (not) preparing for the launch of the class in 2 days – which has sold out!! which is a knuckle biting piece of knowledge.

Not a face cloth in sight – a bag instead as my goto comfort piece.

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