Crochet Cutlery Holder

Stop using throwaway cutlery and straws.

Lately I have been making Cutlery Pouches, sized to hold a full setting of utensils including a fork, knife, spoon and metal straw.

These drawstring pouches can be carried in your handbag or case, a set kept in your car, your desk, your workstation, your locker. And when you have that quick lunch you no longer need struggle with takeaway cutlery that will not penetrate your food, cut your meat, and no paper straws that go soggy before you have quite finished your drink.

Second hand tableware is easy to find at the Op Shop, or a cheap set at your supermarket or discount store. Metal straws are cheap and easy to find these days. And your pouch will stop them getting fluffy from the other contents of your bag…

The pouches are made from cotton yarn and are easily washable, I would just dunk mine in handhot, soapy water, wring out in a towel and drape over a rail to dry.

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