Catching Up

  • Why I Don’t Get Apples from my Tree

    When we bought this house 9 years ago we inherited several fruit trees: a lovely peach tree in the corner between shed and fence, a feijoa tree further down the fence and a young apple tree. All have grown nicely and developed well in the time we have cared for them. The peach tree has… Read more

  • Crochet Cutlery Holder

    Stop using throwaway cutlery and straws. Lately I have been making Cutlery Pouches, sized to hold a full setting of utensils including a fork, knife, spoon and metal straw. These drawstring pouches can be carried in your handbag or case, a set kept in your car, your desk, your workstation, your locker. And when you… Read more

  • Preparation is All

    I am facilitating a Workshop at my local Neighbourhood House on Wednesday evening. We are expanding into Out Of Hours classes, and I am first off the rank. Eco Friendly Crafts, with crocheted Facial Set is first up: A face washer, facial scrubby and soap holder out of cotton yarn. Cotton yarn used to be… Read more

  • Me, or something along those lines

    Why is it that writing can be so difficult? Sometimes I find it hard to get the words out, and even avoid opening the blog page.  This is more surprising since I can TALK about ANYTHING in continuous flow if I meet you face to face.  In fact you will have trouble stopping me…. If… Read more